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This song kinda does describe an acid trip because when ur on acid u see things so differently than you would in real life your seses are just overwhelmed which in a lot of ways brian wilson seemed to be describing and he sure as hell did a ton with goin to a mental institution and alli dont understand why everyone keeps saying that the beatles were influencing or doing things before the beach boys.they were influencing brian wilson to write better songs through competition, not through innovation.The box had a range of tones that would extend outside of the upper and lower limits of human hearing. Tanner checked back with the hospital to find out what happened to "The Box", only to find it had been destroyed in one of those California earthquakes!(The Quake of 1971)The next time you hear the "original" recording of "Good Vibrations", instead of just saying "that's not a Theremin" also mention "it's not a Tannerin", an instrument that came later to be used as a substitute on Beach Boy recordings.1; well it was "Winchester Cathedral" by The New Vaudeville Band!!!

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As a 14 year old when this song came out, I sat transfixed in my dining room, reading an encyclopedia for a homework project and the radio was playing.After about two weeks of construction time he completed it just hours before it was called into use."The Box" was used on several Hollywood productions where it became known as "Paul's Box" this included the 1960's TV show "My Favorite Martian", the sound of Martins antennas raising.")This really is one of the best popsongs ever written, but je must understand it, as the most songs.Interesting is that when you hear it often, you start hearing more things instead of getting bored. And the middle to that song (middle eight of bridge, however it may be called), is the best part I thing, exchanging with the other parts.

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