Updating clob data

Query Surge handles data typing by checking query data types from the query metadata for each of the columns in your queries.So, if you have a CLOB column in a table, it will be typed as a CLOB by Query Surge because the metadata will indicate that it is a CLOB.In many cases, the data stored in a CLOB column is nowhere near the size maximum of the column.If you know that there is a hard ceiling for the maximum size of your text data in a CLOB column, you can simply cast it in your SQL to a smaller character type, such as a VARCHAR.The set Ascii Stream method returns an ASCII output stream. String Reader clob = new String Reader(""); p Stmt = conn.prepare Statement("update activity set REFERENCE = ? "); p Character Stream(1, clob, 0); p Long(2, 1); p Stmt.execute Update(); Here in Character Stream() the last parameter is the length of the clob data with which I want to update. The following example reads a vector of data into a character array, then uses the set Character Stream method to write the array of character data to a CLOB. Writer writer; // read data into a character array char[] data = ; // write the array of character data to a Clob writer = ((CLOB)my_clob)Character Stream(); writer.write(data); writer.flush(); writer.close(); ...

Clob clob = null; try { stmt = con.create Statement(); rs = stmt.execute Query("SELECT CLOB FROM YOUR_TABLE WHERE ID =" row ID " FOR UPDATE OF CLOB"); if(rs.next()) Output Stream os = ((

I hope they will help some down-trodden developer out there somehow. CAST_TO_RAW(p_document)); END; / CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE PRC_UD_CLOB ( p_document IN VARCHAR2, p_id IN NUMBER) IS lob_loc CLOB; BEGIN SELECT CLOBHOLDERDDOC INTO lob_loc FROM TBL_CLOBHOLDERDDOC WHERE CLOBHOLDERDDOCID = p_id FOR UPDATE; DBMS_LOB. WRITE(lob_loc, LENGTH(p_document), 1, p_document); END; / CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE PRC_RD_CLOB ( p_id IN NUMBER, p_clob OUT VARCHAR2) IS lob_loc CLOB; BEGIN SELECT CLOBHOLDERDOC INTO lob_loc FROM TBL_CLOBHOLDERDOC WHERE CLOBHOLDERDOCID = p_id; p_clob := DBMS_LOB. GETLENGTH(lob_loc), 1); END; / Unfortunately, by changing my code to what you see above, even though it kept working on my Oracle express edition, everything over a certain size just started truncating after about 7950 characters on the test server!

Here is my original code, which worked great on my Oracle Express Edition: (for all examples, the first one writes a new CLOB, the next one Updates an existing CLOB and the final one reads a CLOB back) CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE PRC_WR_CLOB ( p_document IN VARCHAR2, p_id OUT NUMBER) IS lob_loc CLOB; BEGIN INSERT INTO TBL_CLOBHOLDERDDOC (CLOBHOLDERDDOC) VALUES (empty_CLOB()) RETURNING CLOBHOLDERDDOC, CLOBHOLDERDDOCID INTO lob_loc, p_id; DBMS_LOB. Here is what I came up with in the end, which is actually the simplest solution and this time worked on both my express edition and on the database server (note that only the read function was changed to fix the truncation issue, and that I had Oracle worry about converting the CLOB into a VARCHAR2 internally): CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE PRC_WR_CLOB ( p_document IN VARCHAR2, p_id OUT NUMBER) IS lob_loc CLOB; BEGIN INSERT INTO TBL_CLOBHOLDERDDOC (CLOBHOLDERDDOC) VALUES (empty_CLOB()) RETURNING CLOBHOLDERDDOC, CLOBHOLDERDDOCID INTO lob_loc, p_id; DBMS_LOB.

These objects are typically 2 GB of text or more, depending on the specific data technology you are using.

Obviously, a resultset with even a single column of CLOBs may represent significantly large data payload, and a resultset with multiple CLOB columns may represent an extremely large payload.

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