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This surprises me, because with all the preparation research that we did, we read of no warning that small light weight, not sharp tools could not be carried on to the plane.

When we travel internationally, it's very important that we bring our own tools since other countries use the metric system.



I mention this because I will include accessibility information in this travel log.

I use a wheelchair, which Steve has good heartedly pushed on terrain that is definitely not accessible. However, it does require a little more forethought and planning.

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This is our first trip on an airplane since September 11. The security staff takes me in my wheelchair to the side and asks if I can get out of the wheelchair.

However, when I turned it on my screen didn't work so the hostess reset it. Afterward, the plane lights are turned out, but ours did not go out.

With both of these misfortunes, Steve begins to feel poorly.

We have read about what to expect concerning the additional security measures. When I say yes to the security officer, she has me stand up and they inspect me with a wand, as well as doing a hand search.

In the best of times, it hasn't been easy for us to go through security, because with me in the wheelchair and Steve handling all of our luggage, we're concerned we'll leave something behind. When we arrive at the check-in area, there's a long line, but it moves quickly. They help me to take off my vest, and they check my numerous pockets.

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