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They don’t need apostrophes as they are constructs in themselves.Inserting an apostrophe would necessitate splitting the word into two, which destroys the beauty of mashing up words.School teachers, school friends: some are victims of the emerging evil, and some might be its perpetrators. none of them are as innocent as he’d like to think.To celebrate the launch of ‘The Therions’, we’re giving away two copies of the book.When it doesn’t work, John Lewis will perhaps accept no liability, claiming that the branding was clearly differentiated from that of the genuine Apple offering.As a proofreader, knowing what’s right and what’s wrong is not important.Instead, it’s important to know what is right, and what *might be* wrong.

Regardless of context, I have to picture a headmaster’s office door, imagine the PRINCIPAL sign that it might display, establish that in this situation, the word means important, and then figure out whether that meaning applies here.The point is, I am aware of my limited knowledge in these areas, and I know to look things up when I need to review such text.The sign of a good proofreader is not someone who knows every single rule. But for any rule (s)he doesn’t know, (s)he will know to question it, and will hunt it down until it’s right.Indeed the M&S website avoids the topic altogether by having Men, Women and Kids across their primary navigation.But I recently discovered that John Lewis wilfully flouts the rules.

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