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In addition to being a great businessman, The Man also is passionate for various political candidates, has strong political views, and puts his money where his beliefs are.I became one of his favorite people when I twice saved his life by beating the shit out of three different attackers in one attempt, and two in another, including stopping a bullet intended for him with my Kevlar vest.He trusted me to execute the plan he developed to insure that didn't happen.The plan developed by The Man -- I wasn't smart or devious enough to come up with it -- was to buy the house next to a vacation bungalow she had in Florida, kidnap her in an obvious manner with a vehicle with plates traceable to a rival political operative, and then hold her captive in that house until after the Republican Convention.About two years after I started working for The Man I noticed that he was getting progressively more agitated about one of the Republican candidates for president, Michelle Bachman.He considered her dangerous and wanted to be sure she didn't get the Republican nomination.So that the dear sometimes hyper literotica readers don't get their panties in a bunch when they read this, this story is 100% fantasy and does not, and is not intended to, make any political statement whatsoever.Nor is it intended to in any way influence anyone's position on any political issue or candidate.

Understandably so, Michelle was depressed for the first week.Even then I thought it was overkill because there was no way that she could even figure out where the Secure House was, let alone escape -- but that is what The Man instructed me to do, so I did it.Spending almost all our waking hours together, obviously Michelle and I got to know each other very well.But her perfect diet, two hours a day of working out or swimming, and no stress made her radiant.I told her that she looked fantastic without makeup, and after a while she believed it -- because it was true. " This was the first time she had ever indicated she was willing to confide in me. I definitely will." "I don't believe you can 'pray the gay away.' That's my husband's mantra.

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