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that delivers Ordnance Survey Map Data to UK Tertiary Education.

The data is available either for download to use with appropriate application software such as GIS or CAD, or as maps generated by Digimap online. You can choose a basemap and add local data such as KMLs, shapefiles, geodatabases, rasters, or locations from a spreadsheet.

However, we provide a much simpler way of searching for the sheet you need.

This takes advantage of an unusual feature of our collection: every individual sheet is geo-referenced, so the system knows what part of the world the sheet covers.

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To the left of the viewer — when not using the "Bigger Map" option — we list the available map series for the current theme.

The British Library holds a comprehensive collection of fire insurance plans produced by the firm Charles E. Goad fire insurance plans are unique primary source materials capturing what is, in many cases, otherwise undocumented information about buildings, land use and urban design.

Map and download data is derived from Agricultural and Horticultural Censuses of Great Britain.

Provides realistic estimates of what is produced, how much is produced and where it was produced.

We define "relevance" based on what you can currently see in the seamless map viewer: the system finds the sheets whose coverage is most similar, and automatically updates the list as you zoom in or out, or pan sideways. Click on an image and a different viewer for map sheets opens, in its own browser window or tab to give you an uncluttered view. To move around, hold down your mouse button and drag on the map, or drag on the rectangle in the thumbnail view.

For fuller instructions on using the sheet viewer, move the cursor to hover over the "IIP" button at top left.

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