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The scientists were expanding on previous studies that have found men with wide faces - like The X Factor's Simon Cowell and actor Colin Firth - have higher testosterone and are wealthier, powerful and more aggressive.

After each date, the individuals recorded whether or not they wanted to go on another date with the person they had just seen and how interested they were on a scale of one to five in a potential short-term relationship, long-term relationship or friendship.

If you like the man you are with, let him do his thing.

Stop parroting tired lines he has heard many times before.

Have you noticed that people who are ill with long-term diseases or those facing starvation don’t have a lot of hair?

I surmise that hair serves as a signal to men of a woman’s fertility (the longer the better).

It makes you look impulsive and unwise, not interesting or sexy.

Reading a hard book will make you more of an individual that getting a colorful tattoo on your arm that a million other girls have.

Besides a minority of psychologically deficient men who have a fat fetish, the world will never come around to accepting morbidly obese body types.I would understand if you want to do strange things to stand out, but you’re simply copying the herd.There are other things that American women can do, like improve their style, wear heels, and tone down their smartphone addiction, but I believe the eight things above would put American women above the international average.It remains to be seen if they will listen to my advice.It's almost Valentine's Day, and for many, the pressure is on to find that special someone.

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