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Home video revolutionised reach and anchored 1980s sci-fi both in both the collective consciousness and archive for easy recall.

VHS-format home video recorders first hit the market in the second half of 1977.

“These spectacular movies became ours to keep, which was one hell of a development.

This laid the way for whole new levels of collection-curation and in-depth movie analysis between geeks, who felt sure they knew every detail.

Lucas had originally tried to hire Trumbull himself but the designer behind the innovative visual effects of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 recommended his protégé instead.

ILM’s first project was a little movie called Star Wars.

While modern CGI can be entirely convincing, the technology’s early years were fraught with shonky effects and rushed rendering that destroyed the essential suspension of disbelief.

It’s not fair to single out individual failures; all the people working on those films were doing the best they could with the equipment and budget available.

The mini-studio was led by John Dykstra, a former assistant to Doug Trumbull.

There were, it’s true, other formats available – Betamax – and, you might argue there were better ones, but in terms of commercial success VHS set the standard.

Video players finally allowed people to watch films at home on their TV that weren't being played by a network.

2017 saw two major cinematic milestones of different extremes.

One was the mega release of Blade Runner 2049, the originally unplanned sequel to, yes, Blade Runner.

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